Freightliner CASCADIA


The biggest mobile device on the road


Highlighted Features


60,600 lbs.

LED Headlights


350-600 HP

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Base Specifications

Standard Features

Large rear windows — 56" x 22" combined viewable area in a day cab application Robust pedestal mirror design with power mirror adjustment Up to 50-degree wheel cut EPA 2010-compliant SCR technology along with 2016 On-board Diagnostics

Advanced aerodynamic enhancements include: Bumper air deflector Aerodynamic hood Elliptical-shaped mirrors Roof integrated antenna Upper door seal 12-inch side extenders


Manual Eaton Fuller® Advantage 9 speed 10 speed 13 speed 18 speed


Front Taper Leaf Hendrickson AIRTEK®


Aluminum Wheels Axle carriers Fifth wheel Tires Wide-base single drive Horizontal exhaust


Up to 2050 lb-ft

Freightliner Cascadia is a heavy duty semi-trailer truck that is considered the manufacturer’s flagship model. Here, we will take a look at the Freightliner Cascadia and what makes this a worthy truck to add to your fleet.
Truck Market, as one of the dealers of used trucks and trailers for sale, has included Freightliner Cascadia in its extraordinary inventory of low mileage used Freightliner trucks for sale. The Cascadia Evolution is the version that is considered to be more fuel efficient. It was released in 2013 and comes with the latest aerodynamic technology developed at that time.

The Cascadia Reinvented

If you are looking at upping your fleet, consider adding a used Freightliner Cascadia into your acquired vehicles. There is a long list of features that make it a well-loved model. It is considered among the most commonly sighted rig on the road at present because of a variety of things. Its doors for both the cab and the bunk are large or instance, so it affords easy access. The special spring set-up on the hood also provide for stability and keep it from closing too hard. The seats are wide and longer than standard seats. Finally, it boasts of a 50% reduction of noise while traveling.

Freightliner Cascadia is one of Freightiner Truck’s flagship models. Through the years, it has been introduced in different configurations and among the latest is the Cascadia truck with 60-inch raised roof sleeper.

The sleeper’s interior are best known for their lower bunk with storage underneath. The owner can also call for it to come with either a cargo shelf for additional storage or an upper bunk with a telescoping ladder. This model also offers a longer wardrobe cabinet, microwave cabinet, and optional bracket for flatscreen TV and area for customer-supplied coolers or refrigerators.

The shorter wheelbase and reduced weight versus the 72-inch sleeper. The truck spec is lighter and more maneuverable but still give drivers the comfort and spacious area they need to work and rest.

Reasons Why Freightliner Cascadia

Get a used Freightliner Cascadia and get the power of a Class 8 vehicle with a Freightliner seal. It is known as the leader in fuel efficiency. Its aerodynamic exterior and weight-saving components afford it to have a design that makes a difference to the bottom line.

Safety is another way the Cascadia is changing the landscape of trucking for many. One of the most important aspect of the truck is its advance suite of active and passive safety systems which can come pre-installed with the used Freightliner Cascadia that you can avail at Truck Market. These safety systems are considered among the best in the market.

The Cascadia also comes with the Detroit Connect Virtual Technician is an addition to the used Freightliner Cascadia that you should not miss. This is a revolutionary remote diagnostic system that Freightliner and Western Star trucks are equipped with, granted that they have the Detroit engines. Having the Virtual Technician helps fleets and their operators to make the best and informed service decisions in just a matter of minutes after an engine or aftertreatment fault incident. If ever a fault occurs, details are relayed to the fleet through email or a notification sent via the Detroit Connect portal. If there is a critical fault, Virtual Technician will transmit the data to experts at the Detroit Customer Support Center for analysis. In just a few minutes, fleets and owner-operators know the severity of the fault and the particulars of the best time to fix the issue.

Lastly, Cascadia quality is something to really appreciate. The design and built has the harsh conditions in mind thus, a truck that can withstand these difficulties has been introduced by Freightliner. A wide range of used Freightliner trucks for sale are available through the extraordinary inventory of low mileage used Freightliner Cascadia for sale.

Freightliner Cascadia FAQ

To better explain what it is like to have and add the Freightliner Cascadia to your fleet, here are some of the common questions people have about this truck model:

Who makes Freightliner Cascadia?

The Cascadia truck model is made and constantly improved by Daimler Trucks North America. This company owns Freightliner and is best known for focusing on innovation through engineering.

What are some of the configurations to expect out of used Freightliner Cascadia?

Having a used Freightliner Cascadia is a good catch. As a Class 8 vehicle it can be converted into different types or for serving specific purposes. It can also come as a day cab or with a sleeper to cater to the growing demands and needs of your fleet.

When was the Freghtliner Cascadia introduced into the market?

The Freightliner Cascadia first went into production in 2006 and through the years, Daimler has found the need to keep introducing new technologies that can improve the overall driving experience of taking this model on the road. Since then, the company has introduced 2007-2019 model each coming with different and additional features for ultimate driving comfort.

What are other notable Cascadia models?

The Cascadia Evolution is best known for its fuel efficiency. It was released in 2013 and is considered a coveted model to include in many trucking fleets especially that it also comes with the latest aerodynamic technology.

Another notable model is the 2018 model dubbed as project “2017 Refresh”. There are some leaked images of this model. According to these, the design is same except for the revised chassis fairings and longer cab extenders.

Getting Used Freightliner Cascadia

If you are looking for low mileage, clean trucks of heavy-duty used Freightliner Cascadia trucks for sale, you can check our available units by checking our inventory. We have an extraordinary inventory of low mileage used Freightliner Cascadia trucks for sale.

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