Conventional Sleeper trucks are constant figures on the roads. Day and night, these are the vital vehicles that keep our country rolling. Sleeper trucks are designed for long haul drivers with a variety of amenities for resting or sleeping. If you are searching the market for Conventional Sleeper trucks for sale, you came to the right place. We have an extraordinary inventory of low mileage used sleeper trucks for sale to add into your fleet.

TruckMarket Conventional Sleeper Trucks

Truck Market offers a wide variety of Conventional Sleeper Trucks from all of the major brands including Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner, International and more.

Conventional Sleeper Trucks are identified by the space located behind the cab providing drivers a living quarters, making these vehicles must-have for a cross country haul.

The Conventional Sleeper Truck has evolved over time, providing numerous amenities to make the long haul trucker as comfortable as possible . From a 70″ Peterbilt 389 to an 86″ Kenworth Studio with a couch, we will get you in the truck that fits your living needs.

With the limits set, long haul truckers are forced to stay in motels to sleep for the night. Not only will a Conventional Sleeper truck save you that expense, it will allow you to never lose sleep over leaving your abandoned freight in a lot. With the wide production of Conventional Sleeper trucks, we are sure we can provide a space to spend your time off to rest after the maximum number of hours.

Sleeper Truck Manufacturers

Finding used sleeper trucks for sale is not very difficult. Our inventory of clean used sleeper trucks for sale are from different manufacturers. Here are a few of the models we usually have in our inventory:

Used Peterbilt Sleeper Trucks For Sale

Used Peterbilt sleeper trucks are a staple in our used sleeper trucks offering. Here are some of the models we have:

Used Peterbilt 389 for sale
Pete 389 is an icon in the open highway. Peterbilt has invested in the latest technology to produce this classic style sleeper truck. It has a rock-solid, all-aluminum built and is paired with the latest truck technology to provide drivers with all that they need on the road.

Used Peterbilt 379 for sale

The 379 is a Class 8 truck model manufactured from 1987 to 2007 and is considered the flagship model of Peterbilt. It is considered a reliable partner for highway use. As the largest highway truck offered by Peterbilt, it is spacious enough to accommodate a sleeper cabin drivers can retreat to after a long day on the road.

Used Peterbilt 378 for sale
One look at the Pete 378 gives away its toughness when it comes to tackling interstate transport needs. It is a very reliable conventional truck with sleeper. Its sleeping cabin is very spacious which gives drivers a reliable place to retreat after driving for a long time.

Used Peterbilt 567 for sale
This Peterbilt model is a strong, reliable, and customizable heavy-duty workhorse that is equipped with an aluminum built for durability and an ample sleeper cabin for resting.

International Sleeper Trucks

International trucks are also very popular among truck drivers. At Truck Market, we also have dependable units from this manufacturer to suit the needs of your fleet. Here are some of the models on our inventory:

Used International 4300 for sale 
The International 4300 has a spacious cab and adaptable cargo area for the van, reefer, and flatbed configurations. As a medium-duty truck, it was designed and built to endure heavy loads for the long haul.

Used International 4900 for sale
Boxy on the outside but comfortable on the inside. International 4900 is a dependable partner on the road. It was built and designed for different tasks and has a spacious sleeper for retreating to after long hours of driving.

Used International 7400 for sale
Built for the rough activities associated with interstate trucking, the 7400 is a sleeper truck that can be used for a variety of medium to heavy-duty tasks. It was designed and built for the heavy load but still keeping driver’s comfort in mind.

Used International 7500 for sale
The 7500 is a multi-purpose truck which can come with or without a sleeper cabin. It is a rugged truck that’s designed for bearing heavy loads and traveling long distances.

Used International 7600 for sale
The 7600 is the response to the need for a smaller version of the 9200 prime mover. It is known for having an unusual 8×6 layout. A versatile model, it can tackle a wide range of tasks but of course, still making sure the driver has somewhere to sleep after miles and miles of driving.


Freightliner is an iconic truck manufacturer and its models are known for being trustworthy in tackling various tasks. Here are some of the models on our inventory:

Used Freightliner Columbia for sale
The Columbia is an excellent workhorse that can be added to any fleet. Like most products from this manufacturer, it is known for its quality and capability to tackle different tasks. Its reliability makes it a top choice among drivers.

Used Freightliner FLD120 for sale
The Freightliner FLD120 is a regular sight on most highways – a total headturner. But its not just popular that way, especially that it is fuel efficient and promotes driver safety. It is rated as one of the best in the industry. Adding to its good reputation is the comfortable sleeper cabin.

Used Freightliner FLD112 for sale
The FLD112 is a versatile truck that is also popular among many drivers. It has the strength and durability truck drivers need in their vehicle especially for the long haul. The sleeper cabin also provides ample resting space.

Used Freightliner Business Class M2 for sale
This model comes in medium-duty and severe-service configurations. It is rugged and strong – able to tackle a wide range of tasks – but also comfortable enough to accommodate a few passengers.


Kenworth is another truck manufacturer known worldwide for producing high-quality vehicles for severe use. Here are some Kenworths on our inventory:

Used Kenworth T800 for sale
Having the Kenworth T800 is the ultimate goal of many truck drivers. It is the ultimate workhorse capable of tackling different demanding tasks because of its strength and versatility.

Used Kenworth W900 for sale
The W900 is a sturdy truck that is coveted for being a tough partner on the road. It is also paired with different features that ensure the maximum comfort that drivers need for their long journey.

Used Kenworth T880 for sale
Created with the long drive in mind, the spacious and comfortable sleeper is every driver’s dream. However, it is not to be taken lightly especially that it is Kenworth’s ultimate work truck – a combination of features that make difficult tasks seem easy.

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