Kenworth is one of the leading American manufacturers of medium and heavy-duty Class 8 trucks in the market. Its office is based in the Seattle suburb of Kirkland, Washington. It is one of the major truck divisions and brands of Paccar. This brand is listed among Fortune 500 companies in America and is among the largest manufacturer of medium and heavy-duty vehicles worldwide.
This brand takes pride in its products’ reliability comfort, and efficiency. It gives maximum up time and less fatigue to drivers, it is as if they took their home on the road with them.
Used Kenworth Truck Models Worth Getting
If you are looking for clean, low mileage used Kenworth truck models, here are some to look out for:

Used Kenworth T800W – A sturdy daycab that is worth every dollar spent on it. It is known for being a tough partner on the road but it has features that ensure the maximum comfort for drivers throughout their long journey.

Used Kenworth W900L – The W900L is equipped with Cummins engines, air suspensions 18-speed transmissions, and Diamond VIT interiors. It is considered as a timeless, classic style that fuses the heritage and quality that truckers have always associated with Kenworth trucks.
If you are looking for dependable used Kenworth trucks in the market you may check our vast collection of models from this maker. Kenworth is a maker known globally for the superior quality of its models. They are also among the leaders in design, innovative engineering, and fuel efficiency.

Used Kenworth W900 – A fusion of traditional styling and the signature Kenworth craftsmanship makes the W900 a packed partner on the road. It is innovative, packed with technologies and coupled with advanced manufacturing processes that make it fuel efficient, lightweight, and low-cost.

Used Kenworth T600 – The T600 is one of the models in the conventional-cab trucks produced by the maker from 1984 to 2007. It is best known for its aerodynamic sloped hood. It was typically sold in semitractor configuration.

Used Kenworth T660 – The T660 is one of the most venerable models of Kenworth but the company announced in 2016 that it will no longer produce this model. Good news for you, there are still available units of this fuel-efficient model. When this was introduced into the Class 8 market, it was considered a legendary aerodynamic product and reinforced by the quality and fuel performance Kenworth is known for.

Used Kenworth T800 – The T800 is considered as the ultimate workhorse. It is deemed a covetable unit because it is built with the strength and versatility needed to tackle different demanding tasks.

Getting to Know Kenworth

Kenworth is a brainchild of brothers George T. and Louis Gerlinger, Jr. in Portland, Oregon in the year 1912. It was initially a car and truck dealership first known as Gerlinger Motor Car Works. It wasn’t until 1914 when they decided to build their own truck with a powerful inline six-cylinder engine. It was the first that they put into the commercial truck market. It was known as the Gersix, introduced in 1915 and was framed in structural steel with power. It was a truck ideal for logging in the Northwest.

In 1916, the company moved its office to Tacoma, Washington where Edgar K. Worthington, a Seattle-based businessman who was then managing his mother’s commercial building. He got intrigued with the Gerlinger company especially that the Gersix became a very popular fixture in the Northwest. He, with his business partner Captain Frederick Kent, bought the business in 1917, renaming it Gersix Motor Co. Kent retired from business in 1919 with his son Harry Kent taking over the partnership with Worthington.

Around 1922, Gersix made 53 trucks in its factory located on Fairview Avenue’s Valley Street. Under the company’s new name, it moved to 506 Mercer Stret and then to 1263 Mercer Street. In its individual bays, trucks and motor coaches were assembled. The Kenworth Motor Truck Company was a product of the reincorporation of Kent and Worthington in 1923.

The company further its line, creating buses since 1926, diesel engines as standard in trucks in 1933. They are the first American company to do so.

Finally, in 1945, Kenworth was bought by the Pacific Car and Foundry Company.


Five Benefits of Buying Used Kenworth Trucks

In your search for Kenworth trucks, you may be faced with the dilemma of buying a brand new one or choosing from the range of used Kenworth trucks for sale. Of course, many people will say that buying a new one will be more economical in the long run. However, used trucks with low mileage may just be as good as buying a new one. Here are some benefits you may consider:

  1. The price of a used truck is significantly less than getting a new one: Obviously, if you are seeking to drive a new truck but has a limited budget, you would want to consider buying a used model instead of a brand-new one. The cost of specialty used Kenworth trucks is significantly lower compared to the brand-new ones.
  2. Selection: If you are afraid of not having a wide selection in a used trucks gallery, you are wrong. We actually have an extraordinary inventory of low mileage used Kenworth trucks for sale so you can always get a model that suits your needs.
  3. The modifications and extras already come with the used truck instead of an add-on you need to pay for. Do you need a wet kit? How about a Sleeper Truck with a Headache Rack? Most of our used trucks already have the add-ons! There is a great chance that there is a unit that will suit your taste.
  4. There is less time to wait: While saving for a new model would take years and possibly loans from banks, saving for the payment for a used model would take a much lesser time.
  5. Great value: Buying used trucks means getting a good deal. You can trust that the used trucks market players will be very strict in looking for any defect and other issues that would affect the viability of the trucks.

Truck Market helps you get low mileage used Kenworth trucks at a great discounts. We help you add dependable units to your fleet, add massive value to your operations, and get reputable models to suit your needs. We have the widest range of trucks guaranteed to help meet your needs.

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