Finding used rollback trucks for sale for your business needs shouldn’t be difficult. We have an extensive list of used rollback trucks for sale to meet your needs and demands. Ready to find out more about our used rollback trucks offerings?


337 – This is a configurable and fuel-efficient model that comes with an optional all-wheel drive and full range suspensions. This is made to tackle different weather and road conditions.

348 – This model with SmartNav on board is one of the more advanced models on the Pete’s fleet. It is dubbed as a workhorse that is built for efficiency, durability, and safety in harsh weather and road conditions.

357 – The 357 is built for construction and heavier applications. This model is very popular as a heavy truck.

567 – Designed specifically for rugged durability and construction that can endure dump, logging, and other harsh applications. It is known for its aluminum cab that is used to give it lasting endurance in different conditions.


INTERNATIONAL 4300 – The 4300 is a Class 6 truck in a wide range of weight capacities. It comes in a standard and low-profile frame.

INTERNATIONAL DURASTAR – This shares the cab design with most of International product lines. It is also used mostly for the long haul and rigorous tasks.

MV – The MV has seen long years of production. The last production of the company are medium-duty products that uses Cummins diesel engines.

INTERNATIONAL 4400 – This is the replacement model of the 4900 series and comes with a standard and low-profile frame.


FREIGHTLINER BUSINESS CLASS M2 – This model is one of the medium-duty rollback trucks for sale that comes with a Class 5 to Class 8 GVWR rating. It is considered an ideal model for medium-duty and severe-service use because of the wide configuration.


T270 – Kenworth vouches for the durability of the T270 that they promise it will outlive the body it comes with. This medium-duty truck is built for dealing with the rough tasks – equipped with versatile, rugged, and reliable chassis.

T370 – Adding to the list of heavy-duty tow trucks for sale and medium-duty trucks is this model. It can be a straight truck or tractor that is made for long-haul and tough drives.

KENWORTH T600 – This Class 8 truck is commonly sold in semitractor configuration. Aside from its reliable and rugged make, it is also known for its aerodynamics and fuel economy.

T880 – This is a work truck best known for its strength, stamina, and operation economy. It is also a good performing vehicle that is popular for fuel economy.

About is a leader in dealing and selling used heavy-duty trucks and trailers in Mississippi. The company was built in 1979. We encourage our clients to browse through our extensive inventory of equipment to find the best model that will suit their needs and budget.

What are Rollback Trucks?

Rollback or tow trucks look similar to flatbeds but, it has a hydraulic system and winch that allows the bed to roll and tilt. This mechanism allows the bed to tilt at an angle so it can drive or pull a vehicle on top of the bed. This is often used for hauling severely damaged vehicles, when at least one wheel is not functioning.

When maneuvering in tight spaces, the angle can be changed through the winch cable to pull the vehicle closer to the tilted bed so it becomes easier to load the vehicle. The end of the bed can be flexed for greater clearances when the vehicle scales the bed.

Difference Between a Rollback and a Flatbed

Because of their similarities, it will be difficult to identify the differences of a tow truck and a flatbed. However, it should be made clear that the two trucks are different. They both have a flatbed on the back but, that is all the similarity they have.

Flatbeds are those that just stay flat but rollback trucks are very useful in terms of collecting vehicles that are damaged beyond recognition. You can find them usually in haul fleets, where they take every type of vehicles to impounding or repair facilities. You can add to your fleet a unit or more out of our extensive list of used rollback trucks for sale.

How much will rollback trucks cost?

Adding at least one tow truck into your fleet is an asset that will improve your business. However, you may be one of the many truckers who are thinking about the price of a new truck. A smarter alternative is to buy used rollback trucks for sale that are still in excellent condition. All of the rollback trucks in our inventory are in good condition, low mileage, and most importantly, are reasonably priced.

Tips for Buying Used Rollback Trucks

In your search for rollback tow truck for sale to add to your fleet, you may want to consider these tips we have prepared for you:

  1. Draft a used truck purchase checklist. List down the things that you want your truck to have especially if you are going to use it on more rigorous tasks. Also consider the budget that you have and compare it with the features you want your vehicle to have.
  2. Conduct a running history check on the used rollback trucks you are shortlisting. Before signing up, ask the nitty gritty details of the trucks history leading to its present condition. Ask for the maintenance records, accident history, and other important details that may affect the quality of the vehicle.
  3. Research about the engine model’s track record. A very important factor when considering a rollback truck is the engine model in question. There are some engine models known for their chronic problems. There are also models known for wearing out easily. Do your research on the best engine models before you sign the sale.
  4. Perform the quality inspection. Simple things like the oil and body rust can have some significant effects on the efficiency of using the trucks especially if they are to be used over long distances.
  5. Choose a reputable seller. You should deal with people you can trust. It helps to find a seller that understands you and would go the extra mile to assist you in the before, during, and after the sale is sealed.

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