Your load needs temperature controlled transport? You need a reefer truck! Reefer trucks or refrigerated container are specific types of vehicles supporting the transport of goods which are sensitive and need constant temperature during the whole journey. Depending on a model, these trucks can support temperature range from -65 to +40°C. To be properly ventilated they usually combine air and water cooling to remove the heat generated. Take your load safely to a long distance trip with reefer trucks.


Used reefer trucks keep are interesting because of their “measured” treatment of your load. So these trucks can at any moment tell you the situation in the back regarding temperature. This means a lot as basic foods need exact temperature while transporting. Food industry really depends a lot on reefer trucks. Mostly used for long way distances, these vehicles perfectly preserve given temperature no matter the conditions outside. This is very important if you have goods which need exact and constant interior conditions. Imagine medical and pharmaceuticals industry goods which are not treated as requested? Disaster! That’s why we need reefer trucks.

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Depending on dimensions and temperature range, reefer trucks have a wide range of models available for you to choose. Made for specific and sensitive goods, these engines are mostly robust and huge but also available for light and medium use. Giving possibility to constantly monitor degrees of your load in the back, reefer trucks are one of the most confident machines among huge truck palette. If you sell your used reefer truck please contact us as we can offer you really good conditions. We’ll take care of its state so don’t worry.   


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