Dump trucks are vehicles used for transporting loose materials like sand, demolition wastes, gravel, and other materials used for construction. There are different forms of dump trucks but typically, they come with an open-box bed that is hinged at the rear and have hydraulic rams to lift the front making it easier for the materials to be dumped on the ground. Needless to say, you can find different forms of used dump trucks for sale depending on your need or requirements.

The dump truck takes its early forms from the wagon dumper. These were used in the farms in the late 19th century in Western Europe. Later on, in the year 1896, Thornycroft developed a steam dust-cart that also has a tipper mechanism. Meanwhile, the first motorized dump trucks were developed by small companies in the United States around 1910. The hydraulic dump beds were introduced by Wood Hoist Co.

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Dump Truck Models You Can Choose From

There are plenty of available low mileage and clean used dump trucks for sale on this site. Here are some of the models on our inventory:


Used Peterbilt trucks for sale on our site are known in the trucking industry for their durability and use. Here are some:

379 – This is the largest highway truck that Peterbilt produced and sold. It comes in two configurations: 119-inch BBC and the 127-inch BBC extended-length hood. This is a conventional cab truck configured for highway use.

378 – This is a semi-truck that has a look characteristic of Petes. It is popular especially that it shares similar features with the 379. It also comes in a 119.5-inch BBC but sits two inches making a slight downward angle to its hood.

348 – This model is among the “baby 8” Pete units that were designed specifically for pick up and delivery, vocational applications, and short hauls. This is often used for snowplows, as fire apparatus, and for construction.

389 – This, together with the 388, sports a 123-inch BBC and is often used for heavy work just like most traditional Petes.

567 – This is a relatively new model specifically designed for rugged trails. It is known for its durable construction and is used for a variety of applications like logging, construction, and dump.


International is another manufacturer with a reputation for making excellent quality dump trucks. Here are few of used dump trucks we have:

4300 – The 4300 is a Class 6 truck. It comes with a DT466 and DT530 diesel and automatic transmission. It comes in a standard and low-profile frame.

4400 – This is a model introduced to replace the previous 4900 model series. It comes in a standard and low-profile frame as well as a semitractor that sits 4 inches higher than a chassis truck.

4900 – This is one of the severe-service trucks of International that is available with tandem rear axles.

7400 – The 7400 truck is available in 6×4 and 6×6 tandems and can come with either forward or set-back front axles. The cabs are available in standard, extended, or crew types.

7500 – Like the 7400, it also comes in a 6×4 or 6×6 tandem with a standard, extended, or crew type cab. It has a maximum GVWR of 27, 000 kg.

7600 – Part of the International Workstar line, it also come with a 6×4 or 6×6 tandem with standard, extended, or crew cab. What sets it apart is the 8×6 layout with a three driven axle.


Freightliner’s fleet of dump trucks are among the most popular in the industry. Here are few of the models we have on our inventory:

FLD120 – The Freightliner semi truck comes in custom, chrome, or aftermarket parts. It is popular for its fuel efficiency. It is also rated as one of the safest truck in the industry.

FLD112 – This is a tandem rear axle truck best used for farm and construction purposes.

BUSINESS CLASS M2 – This model is a medium-duty truck produced since June 2002. It comes in Class 5 to Class 8 GVWR rating. The wide range of configuration makes it an ideal model for medium-duty and severe-service use.

CASCADIA – The Cascadia is an advanced on-highway truck. It uses advanced aerodynamics that help in fuel efficiency. It has a smart exterior design but still caters to basic vehicle servicing. Its Aero Package has an A-pillar deflector, two hook cover, sloped hood, aerodynamic mirrors, side extenders, door seals, side extender seals, removable rear wheel covers, and a chassis fairings to ensure a comfortable drive.

OLUMBIA – The Columbia also comes with an aerodynamic styling. It is paired with a Detroit 60 series engine for fuel millage and lower operating cost.


A very popular dump truck maker, Kenworth models have include:

T800 – Considered as a workhorse, this is a strong and versatile truck to own. Using innovative technologies, it is popular for fuel efficiency and light weight.

T880 – This is a work truck that is known for its strength, operation economy, and stamina. It gives drivers the best vehicle performance and fuel economy.

W900 – This conventional cab is iconic for the maker. It is a continued production since 1961 proving to its longevity. It is a popular basis for truck customization.

Used dump trucks for sale are available and could meet different needs of clients. The models are clean and have low mileage so they are in good condition.

Types of Dump Trucks

There are different types of dump trucks operated by hydraulics. These also come in different varieties and configurations now as they are used for specific tasks in the construction materials supply industry. Here are some of the types of used dump trucks for sale:

Standard Dump Trucks

Standard dump trucks are those with a dump body mounted to its frame. Its bed is raised by a hydraulic ram vertically as it is mounted under the front of the body or using a horizontal hydraulic ram and lever arrangement between the frame trails.

Most of the standard dump trucks in the United States have a front-steering axle and two rear axles. The tandem rear axles are often powered while the single rears may or may not be powered. The unpowered axles are sometimes used to support extra weight. They can also be raised off the ground to minimize wear if the truck is empty or lightly loaded.

Semi-Trailer End Dump Truck

Another type of used dump trucks available is the semi end dump which is a tractor-trailer combination. The trailer contains the hydraulic hoist. In the United States, this often comes as a 3-xle tractor that pulls a 2-axle trailer with dual tires. This is useful for a large payload but it can be very unstable when raised in dumping position so it has very limited use if the dumping location is not even.

Transfer Dump Truck

This is a standard dump truck that pulls a separate trailer with movable cargo container. It is used for loading construction aggregate, sand, asphalt, gravel, snow, klinkers, wood chips, triple mix, and many others.

There is a second aggregate container which is powered by an electric motor, pneumatic motor, or hydraulic line. While a third configuration has a triple transfer train consisting of a B and C box and is often used on Nevada and Utah Highways.

Truck and Pup

The truck and pup is similar to a transfer dump but it consists of a standard dump truck pulling a dump trailer. It has its own hydraulic ram and can self-unload.

Superdump Truck

This is a straight dump that has a trailing axle, and a liftable, load-bearing axle that can carry as much as 13,000 pounds. It can go as long as 11 to 13 feet behind the rear tandem. The trailing axle stretches the outer measurement to maximum overall length. These features allow the truck to carry a heavier gross weight allowed by the federal bridge formula.

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