Used Freightliner Trucks for Sale

“Trucks that mean business” – this is what Freightliner trucks are best known for. Having them on your fleet is one of the most important and sound decisions you will make. These vehicles are known for their confidence and toughness on the road. Let’s get to know the models:

Used Freightliner Trucks for Sale Models

If you are looking for used freightliner trucks for sale, we have an extensive list of models to expand your business:

Used Freightliner Columbia Daycab for Sale

If you are looking for an excellent workhorse to add to your fleet, getting a used Freightliner Columbia Daycab for sale should be your top choice. Like most products from this maker, quality is still on top of the list. The Columbia is also known for its lower cost of ownership while still getting the job done right. Its aerodynamic styling paired with the Detroit 60 series engine makes it a reliable truck with exceptional fuel mileage. Aside from daycabs, there are also available Freightliner Columbia sleeper for sale in our inventory.

Used Freightliner Cascadia for Sale

The Freightliner Cascadia is the maker’s heavy duty semi-trailer truck and is also considered a flagship model of the maker. It bears both high performance and fuel efficiency, making it a well-loved models sold in three versions: day cab, midroof XT and Raised roof. It is the bestselling Class 8 semi-truck. Augment your fleet with a used Freightliner Cascadia daycab for sale or used Freightliner Cascadia sleeper for sale from our inventory.

Used Freightliner Coronado for Sale

The Coronado is Freightliner’s popular conventional truck with sleeper is intended for the long haul and for vocational use. It was first introduced in 2001 and the production started in 2002. It comes in either Cummins Caterpillar or Detroit engine. Even if the generation was discontinued in 2010, we still have some used Freightliner Coronado for sale. Check out the available Freightliner Coronado for sale and used Freightliner Coronado sleeper for sale on our inventory.

Used Freightliner FLD120 for sale

Freightliner FLD120 is a regular sight on most highways and these are making many heads turn. Its best assets include fuel efficiency and driver safety. This is in fact, rated as one of the best in the industry. You can also customize it by changing the bumper, exhaust, steering, seating, or fenders. You may check our available used Freightliner FLD120 daycab for sale or the used Freightliner FLD120 sleeper for sale which are all in good condition.

Used Freightliner CLASSIC for Sale

The Freightliner CLASSIC is one of the most stylish trucks that the maker has to offer. Its engine specs is top of the line, coupled with line horsepower and torque. It has a boxcar hood which gives it a distinct truck look while still keeping it fuel efficient. Browse through used Freightliner CLASSIC sleeper for sale and used Freightliner CLASSIC daycab for sale in our inventory to get the best deals.

Used Freightliner Century for Sale

The Freightliner Century Class is an aerodynamic sloped-hood conventional Class 8 truck. It was first introduced in 1996 as replacement to the FLD model. It was renamed Century S/T for Safety and Technology. To make that possible, they added a driver’s side air bag and also improved the seat mounting restraints. It comes as a conventional day cab and as a sleeper truck. Check available used Freightliner Century daycabs for sale and used Freightliner Century sleeper for sale on our site.

All About Freightliner

Known for its heavyweight trucks manufactured in America, Freightliner trucks are among the most sought-after products in the trucking industry. The maker also manufactures tractor trailers and truck chassis. It is currently part of Daimler Trucks North America, a branch of Daimler AG.

The history of Freightliner spans over seven decades. In the 1930s, it was called Consolidated Freightways and subsequently, as Freightliner Inc. in 1942. In the company’s attempt to produce better heavy trucks and climb the US’ mountainous parts, it began reconstructing Fageols to develop its new line. It also started producing freightliner truck parts.

Eventually, the trucks became known as “Freightliners” which then started the Freightliner Company. The first trucks were manufactured in 1942 at the Consolidated Freightways factory. It was in the same year when the company was renamed to Freightliner.

When the war broke out, the operations of the company was put to a halt. It came back to operations shortly after the war, in 1949, in Portland. Its first sold truck was brought by Hyster and has a place of honor in Washington DC.

In the next decades, the company has had several changes like merging with the White Motor Company in 1951 and gaining footing by adopting the changes in the trucking industry. Through the years, it had been known for its quality and durability that is still considered unparalleled. Even used freightliner trucks are known for running smoothly and withstanding different road conditions.

Reasons to Buy Used Freightliner Trucks

In over seven decades, Freightliner has been known for producing trucks that withstand the tests of time. It continues to innovate, using advanced technologies, making it one of the leaders in industry innovation. In your search for pre-owned Freightliner trucks for sale, we will help you understand the reasons why every truck driver would want to be behind its wheel.

First thing everyone loves about Freightliner is its tradition of innovation. Since it was founded up until today, it has proven a tract record of innovation, developing, and engineering trucks that make businesses successful.

Another reason is their consistency in introducing advanced technology for perfecting the design of their products. The advanced automated manufacturing technology helps the company come up with precise results from their models down to their actual products.

Finally, they use dependable materials to match their technological innovations. This is why even Freightliner used trucks for sale can last for a longer time as the materials used from the machines to its body are top-of-the-line.

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