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Here at Truck Market, you can sell or buy your next used International truck. These reliable machines have been built and sold by the Navistar International since 1914. Find your favorite among all others. We’re here to assist you every step of the way. Allow a huge network of service support to attract your confidence while choosing your next used International truck.

Used International Truck Models

Our inventory of low mileage used International trucks come in different models. You may check the available International trucks and identify which ones suit your need.

Used International 9900 for sale is a conventional truck with sleeper. Built through the years by International, it can come and run with a different engines and horsepowers. It is a dependable truck on the road that does not sacrifice drivers’ comfort as it comes with different sleeper sizes that accommodate drivers.

Used International 9200 for sale is a conventional day cab. It is a Class 8 model that runs on different horsepowers. It is a prime mover that drivers love for being tough on the road but with ample comfort features for the long ride. It has sold a great number for tipper work and other tasks.

Used International 4300 for sale is known for its spacious cab and adaptable cargo area. It is available either as a van, reefer, or flatbed configuration. As a medium-duty truck, it comes with either a single or tandem axle. Sleek but with all the needed robustness and functions, this is a good truck of choice for shorter drives.

Used International DuraStar for sale is one of the series that saves you from the pains of different tough jobs. It is built of commercial-grade components and materials. This well-designed daycab puts the driver’s comfort and safety in mind. It can come with easy-grab handles, non-slip stairs, wide door openings, and other characteristics that keep drivers comfortable and safe when on the move

Used International 7600 for sale is the response to the need for smaller version of the 9200 prime mover. It can come with an unusual 8×6 layout.  It offers one engine and transmission but with limited options and yet, it still fit the bill in terms of covering a broader range of tasks. It is available in day cab and sleeper versions. Like every International truck, it is also known for its durability and dependability to deliver even if it is a smaller size compared to other models.

Used International CLASSIC for sale is one of the popular models of the model. It comes with an ISX15. It’s been revived in recent years because of the popularity of the model. It is a heavy-duty truck in 15-liter option that meets market demands today. It is available either as a tractor or truck that can handle up to 150, 000 lbs. It has a sloped hood that enhances visibility through the one or two-piece windshield.

Used International 9400 for sale is part of the 9000 series of Class 8 semi-trailer trucks. Like others in the series, it has a conventional layout with single or tandem rear axles. It is sold as a daycab or sleeper. A burly one for the road, it is a powerful workhorse that withstands

Used International PROSTAR for sale is another series of Class 8 commercial vehicles from this manufacturer. It provides seating for two, has a sleeper area, and comes powered by MaxxForce family of engines as well as the Cummins ISX 15. It bears the reputation for being the most fuel efficient truck in its segment. It gained the plus moniker after its overhead console was re-engineered and its cab storage was increased.

Why A Used International Truck is a Good Choice

There is nothing like driving a truck with a great history to identify each of its models with. International Trucks is a company that traces the history of its fleet in 1902. Starting its way from the bottom, it is now one of the most recognizable names in the production of medium-duty, heavy duty, and severe-service trucks. From its humble beginnings, its products are now sold through its dealer network counting to nearly 1,000 in the United States, Brazil, Canada, and Mexico.

One of the ways International Trucks keep up with the changing times and more challenging terrains is by adopting new technologies and features. One of its more popular technologies is Diamond Logic. This electrical system is integrated into International Trucks for custom solutions and diagnostics.

With Diamond Logic, operators enjoy nearly 200 factory-available efficiency and safety features. The users can also program individual features to suit their specific needs.

For diagnostics, a wire is connected to major vehicle components which then transmits information to and from the driver. This allows operators to pinpoint and address issues on the vehicles in a matter of seconds. This can also help automate headlights and inhibit ignition in unfavorable conditions.

International Trucks also takes pride in its Driver First philosophy. They take into account the feedback of drivers who use their products day in and out, ensuring that their concerns are heard and suggestions valued. As a result of these feedback and putting ideas into action, different features in their models are incorporated.

On top of the valuable feature drivers are after in their trucks are those concerning safety. For International, working on enhancing their models’ safety is on top of the list. Some of the safety features and innovations incorporated in their models are the introduction of RollTek seats, Bendix Wingman Fusion for collision mitigation, forward visibility, and LED headlights for better visibility.

Comfort are also not forgotten, taking into account that drivers weave through miles and miles of driving daily. International focuses on ergonomics and features that will support the needs and wants of drivers. Some of the comfort features are: low-noise vibration and harshness by introducing the N13 engine, industry-leading ride, and others that keep the driver comfortable.

Finally, there are productivity-optimizing features – a combination of technologies and ideas that save both time and money. A few of these features are the OnCommand Connection for remote diagnostics, over-the-air programming, and better serviceability among others.

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