For moving and lifting a heavy and sometimes unconventionally shape load from the ground to higher places use boom trucks! These lighter version of crane trucks are really helpful because you can move almost everything you imagine from one part of an area to another. A really efficient way to manipulate with heavy load without taking a lot of space on your construction site. Just see how you can increase safety and versatility of any construction – purchase used boom trucks now at an affordable price and under your conditions.

Used boom trucks have really become mandatory if your construction site has multiple different needs. Maneuvering can really slow you down if you don’t have an adequate vehicle to support most required demands. Don’t waste your precious time searching for used boom trucks as we have just what you’re looking for! Depending on your needs we’ll tailor our offer up to you! Based on your requirements we’ll try to respond on time without NO. We offer to you a boom truck which will be just as you want it to be. We make it possible to have your favorite under great conditions.

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Coming equipped with a rear mounted boom crane, they are used as  craning and transport units for spaces which doesn’t allow so much movement and need high lifting of the load. That’s why boom trucks are an unavoidable choice if your job site requires lots of movement on a limited space. Your budget is on the second place. The first are your needs. If you have a limited budget we can offer you online credit application so your problems really have a solution. Just contact us if your decision is to sell or buy a used boom truck.

Memphis is not our limit as we can make deals online. Don’t worry because all pictures, material, description of trucks and information are clear and validated. Take into account our huge base of satisfied clients. We expand it with professional support, open access and individual approach. You’ll get your used boom truck in a way most suitable to you. Giving to you all the possibilities and letting you to choose – this is our business manner. Let us improve it.