Not all truck drivers have to go thousands of miles away from terminals. Sometimes, they are assigned to take trips in shorter distances and therefore do not need the tougher models to make their rounds. In this case, adding daycab trucks to your fleet is necessary. If you are looking for used daycab trucks for sale that suit your fleet’s needs and demands, you are in the right place. With our extraordinary inventory of low-mileage used daycab trucks for sale, we make it easy to find the right truck.

What are Daycabs?

Daycab trucks are used to pull semi-trailers and are the preferred vehicle for running distances of less than 100 miles from the home terminal. The units are often used to pull long trailers of up to 60’. They are often used for pickup and drop and city work.

Daycabs, unlike configurations for the long haul, do not come with a sleeper cabin on its back. It often includes a single compartment over the engine portion of the truck. These are usually considered a “flat face” or a semi-hood with a vertical front, and a cab that just sits atop the front axle. Because of this characteristic, this configuration is also called without sleeper trucks or cab-over trucks.

Finding daycabs in busy business districts is not a rare occurrence. These are commonly used for transferring retail cargo to different destinations not far from their stations. In the United States, these are also used by heavy truckers and trucking companies catering to the needs of the light and medium-duty truck segments. These compact-size vehicles are needed for mobility in urban thoroughfares without having to sacrifice payload.

Used Peterbilt Daycabs for Sale

One of the companies renowned worldwide for producing high-quality trucks for the short and long haul, Peterbilt is a coveted name to add in a fleet. Here are the daycab Petes on our inventory:

Used Peterbilt 379 Daycabs for sale

– The Peterbilt 379 is a Class 8 truck produced from 1987 to 2007. This is a conventional cab built primarily for highway use. Through the length of its production, this Pete got the most powerful versions of the engines, being the manufacturer’s flagship product.

Used Peterbilt 389 Daycabs for sale 

This “traditional styled” truck has an aluminum hood. While it looks burly with its headlamps, fender front, and rear trim, it is very much capable in maneuvering around urban roads.

Peterbilt 378 Daycabs – This Pete model has a slight downward angle hood although looks greatly similar to the 379. It is a coveted model in local and vocational trucking and over the road applications. Produced by the manufacturer for two decades, many of this model is still plying the roads today.

Peterbilt 348 Daycabs – Among the “baby 8” models for pick-up and delivery, vocational, and short haul applications, the 348 is a well-loved option for snowplows, construction, and fire apparatus.

Peterbilt 567 Daycabs – This Pete is designed for rugged durability and good construction to endure rigorous tasks like dumping, construction, logging, and vocational applications. This popular Pete has an aluminum cab structure to endure the rugged tasks for a long time.

Used Kenworth Daycabs for Sale

Kenworth is a manufacturer known best for its wide range of trucks for different purposes. We have carried clean used daycabs for sale from this maker:

Used Kenworth T800 Daycabs for sale

– The T800 is dubbed as the ultimate workhorse. It is built with strength and versatility which enables it to endure the demanding tasks it is taken to.

Used Kenworth W900 Daycabs for sale

– The W900 is a conventional-cab truck offered in different configurations. Its additional chrome trim, custom paint, lighting, and other features all contribute to its rigidity making it a good truck choice for transport and construction work.

Kenworth T880 Daycabs – This is for all the drivers that need maximum effort. Amped with strength, stamina, and economy, it can be used for tackling tasks in the transport and construction industries.

Used Freightliner Daycabs for Sale

The trucks that mean business, this is how Freightliner describes its fleet this way. Here are some of the Freightliner trucks on our inventory that you can choose from:

Used Freighliner Cascadia Daycabs for sale

– The Cascadia is a heavy-duty semi-trailer truck that is also Freightliner’s flagship model. As a Class 8 semi-truck, it is a top choice of drivers who want high-performing and fuel-efficient companion.

Freightliner Columbia Daycab – An excellent workhorse, the Columbia is a top choice of many drivers. It has a high-quality built that makes tackling rough jobs possible but without sacrificing driver’s comfort and safety.

Freightliner FLD112 Daycab – This is a model that is undeniably made for tackling the rough tasks. It can be configured for trailer use or for rollback to be used in construction work.

Freightliner FLD120 Daycab – The FLD120 is a regular sight on most highways and is a head turner in some ways. It is fuel-efficient and puts the driver’s safety on top priority. Its built for the tough haul.

Freightliner Business Class M2 Daycab – This medium-duty and severe-service daycab is available in different configurations. It can be used for different tasks from construction work to crew-cab.

Used International Daycabs for Sale

The International brand covers medium-duty, over-the-road, and severe-service trucks. Here’s the used International Daycab trucks on our inventory:

Used International 4300 Daycab for sale – A daycab that has a spacious cab and an adaptable cargo area for different configurations. This medium-duty model is a coveted addition to fleets tackling rugged tasks that need a smaller model.

Used International 4400 Daycab for sale – This International truck is one to cover different tasks around town. It can be configured for towing, trailers, refrigeration, transport, construction, and various others.

Used International 4900 Daycab for sale – This model is one for the short distance rough work. It is primarily built for transporting heavy things such as those used in construction but it can also be converted for other purposes like garbage collection.

Used International 7400 Daycab for sale – From construction tasks to towing to trailer-carrying, the 7400 is a coveted model addition to any fleet. It is built with a primarily steel composition, giving it the capacity to endure all the tough work.

Used International 7500 Daycab for sale – If you want a multi-purpose daycab, the 7500 would be a desirable choice. It can be converted for crane operations or for transporting heavy materials such as those in the construction industry. The steel composition International is known for is also very prominent in this model.

Used International 7600 Daycab for sale – The 7600 doesn’t look as burly as other International models but it is also a performer in the tough work department. It can be configured as a dump truck, trailer, or tow truck.

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