TruckMarket has an extensive inventory of used trucks for sale for all your heavy cargo transport needs. Peterbilt’s are trucks that have a reputation for withstanding long hauls with heavy loads but without sacrificing the driver’s comforts. The global reputation of these trucks is one of excellence in terms of quality, design, engineering, fuel efficiency, and industry use.

Here, we help you find clean Peterbilt trucks with low miles that help add value to your operations. Our inventory of clean trucks from this manufacturer is within easy access. We have an extraordinary inventory of low mileage used Peterbilt trucks for sale to suit the needs, specifications, and budget you have.

What are Peterbilt Trucks?

Pete trucks are those manufactured by the Peterbilt Motors Company. The company was founded in 1939 and is known for producing medium and heavy-duty trucks. Since then and until the present, the company has produced different series of trucks to meet the needs of different industries. It is best known for the Peterbilt Cab Series. These characteristically started with dual-drive lightweight model 334, an all-steel cab and the chain drive model 260 which they released from 1939 to 1981.

Used Peterbilt Trucks for Sale

Used Peterbilt 379 for sale

This is a Class 8 truck model offered from 1987 to 2007 and is the successor of model 359. It is still considered the flagship model of the Peterbilt model line. At the height of its production, this became very popular among owner-operator drivers because of its conventional-cab truck configuration, making it a reliable partner for highway use.

The 379 is the largest highway truck offered by Peterbilt and was offered in two configurations – 119-inch and an extended length hood of 127-inch. It has horizontally-mounted windshield wipers, headlamp-mounted turn signals in the fender, and rectangular headlamps.

Used Peterbilt 389 for sale

The 389 was introduced at the Mid-America Trucking Show in 2006 to replace the 379-127. It is considered as the Peterbilt with the longest hood at 131 inches. It features new headlamps with a wrap-around design, rear trim which took cue from the 351, and new fender front. It comes in both day cab and extended day cab models.

Used Peterbilt 387 for sale

The Pete 387 was introduced in 1999 to replace the 587 and is known as an aerodynamic over the road conventional. It has a bare cab shell, different sleeper, cab skin, interior, roof, hood, and Peterbilt frame. This daycab with sleeper has a burly look but this exactly makes it a preferred model for lodging thousands of miles on the road.

Used Peterbilt 386 for sale

Produced in the fall of 2005, the Pete 386 is dubbed as the first aerodynamic produced by the manufacturer. It was offered in 126 BBC. It doesn’t have external air cleaners like most 389 options. It was discontinued in 2015 but we have some used trucks for sale if this model fit your specifications. Like the 387, this is a conventional truck with sleepers.

Used Peterbilt 385 for sale

The 385 has a more sloped hood, shallower grille surround or crown compared to the 377. The 112 and 120 BBC model was designed to compete against the Freightliner FLD. It is sold in conventional cab and chassis. This is a conventional-sleeper truck. The dominant look speaks for how much carrying power and strength it can offer truck drivers on the road.

Used Peterbilt 384 for sale

The 384 is known as the shorter version of the 386. It was produced during mid-2007.

The 384 is an all-aluminum cab that is both durable and lightweight. It can carry increased payloads, a worthy workhorse for truck drivers with heavy loads to take to places. to make sure they are comfortable on the road, this conventional truck with sleepers can also provide them refuge in-between destinations.

Used Peterbilt 357 for sale

The 357 is shares a similar look with the 378 especially because of the SBFA, SFFA, short hood, and Vocational “heavy hauk” shoods. It is available in 111-inch and also comes with flat fenders like the 357-123 similar to the 353.

In 2004, the 357 had an updated new hood and grille/crown. The vocational hood on the other hand, was also offered in 2004 to tend to customers that need a front engine power take-off. Because of the Heavy Haul offering, this also became a very popular heavy truck or tractor.

This can come in different configurations such as conventional trucks, conventional cabs with sleepers, dump trucks, and cab and chassis trucks.

Used Peterbilt 587 for sale

The 587 Pete is an EPA Smartway Certified Model that features a cab and sleeper for luxury, efficiency, and productivity. It is known for being spacious and ergonomic – offering ample legroom, dual arm rests, swivel seats, and an easy access to switches and power control. It has a full 30-inches of walk-through space between the seats that also gives an easy access to a sleeper. The driver also has an accessible storage space, cabinet enclosed closets, and under-bunk storage. This conventional cab with sleeper comes in raised roof, mid-roof sleeper and daycab.

Used Peterbilt 579 for sale

The 579 is the latest aero model Peterbilt. It has a wide cab that offers drivers comfort and efficiency through long haul drives. What makes this model special is that it is a collaboration between the company and drivers as some were interviewed and asked for the ideal design and size of the cab. The result is a  sleeper built for versatility and longevity. It is also considered as a model with very high resale value but for a good reason. Aside from its design, it is also known for fuel efficiency and optimized aerodynamics. The lightweight aluminum cab comes in 123-inch, ergonomic dash, and standard air disc brakes.

This is offered as a day cab, tractor, and conventional-sleeper.

Why Used Peterbilt Trucks are Worth the Investment

Used Petes are considered worthy investments because they are made with intelligent design and sturdy materials. Driving a Peterbilt is like having an assurance for fewer repairs and less downtime – two crucial considerations for drivers who cannot afford to let major and expensive malfunctions to derail their jobs.

Since new Pete trucks are more expensive to acquire, we offer low mileage, clean trucks to meet your needs. These can run smoothly for more years while giving you comfort on the road.

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