A crane truck is certainly a powerful and mighty solution for heavy lifting of load. These robust vehicles are used for safely transportation of loads which need moving and lifting. If you’re trying to find a used crane truck, no matter if you want to purchase or sell it, you have to take a look at our inventory list. Among all other types of trucks we can offer to you a crane truck in perfect condition and absolutely functional regardless of being used.


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Used for lifting and moving of loads exceeding 1000 pounds, crane trucks are nowadays very important to possess if you have such a big load to move from one place to another. Take into account that they operate in two ways: with winch motors or ones that rely on hydraulic power. If you sell your used crane truck you can contact us with detailed description of its state, basic data info about your vehicle and also send us your expectations regarding the price and other conditions. We’ll come to you with our proposal specially created for you.

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If your choice is to find an adequate used crane truck for sale we have something for you for sure. Browse our list and you’ll find our current offer for this type of trucks with really detailed info about it. We tried to make its description understandable, clear and exhaustive in order not to waste your time. If you have some questions, requirements, suggestions let us know about it by sending us an e-mail or calling our line directly. Our people will assist you and do their best to understand and fulfill your demand.


Crane trucks are mostly used for lifting a heavy load from ground and store and transport it to another truck. Combined for highway mobility with heavy-lifting power, these trucks are really a must have if you need to move a heavy load to the bed of another truck. Visit our vehicle market place and see it live. You’ll be impressed how they look like. We can offer to you only used crane trucks for sale. Their state will leave you breathless.