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Detroit™ DD13® Detroit™ DD15® Detroit™ DD16® Cummins X15

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Manual Eaton Fuller® Advantage 9 speed 10 speed 13 speed 18 speed Automated Manual Detroit DT12® 12 speed Automatic Allison® 3000, 4000 and 4500 series

If you are looking for the ultimate workhorse, Freightliner Columbia should be on your shortlist. Freightliner is a truck manufacturer that builds quality and value for money trucks for different purposes. To attend to the needs of small and large fleet owners, they introduced the Columbia, a powerful truck for a variety of tasks. If you believe that this is the vehicle that you need to augment your fleet, our wide extensive inventory of models including used Freightliner Columbia is available for your perusal.

Freightliner Truck, is an American truck manufacturer. It is a division of Daimler Trucks North America. The main focus of this division is the production of heavy duty Class 8 diesel trucks. They also offer Class 5 to 7 trucks.

The Columbia, along with the Cascadia and Argosy have been produced by employees in the Cleveland plant which is the company’s largest US truck plant. Freightliner’s long history of producing vehicles for industry purposes could trace its roots back in early 1930s through its own Fageols since heavy trucks then lacked the power to climb steep mountain grades in the Western United States. These trucks were branded “Freightliners”. It has seen ups and downs through the years, especially with demands that also increase and decrease according to movements in the economy. However, through the years, the reputation for quality has always been associated with this manufacturer. Now, we go deeper and take a look at one of this company’s priced models, the Columbia.

About Freightliner Columbia

Freightliner Columbia is a medium-duty truck primarily designed for short and regional transportation. This is made to be highly versatile and to cope with a wide variety of medium duty jobs. It was designed mainly for construction or short haul applications.

Columbia features a light tare weight and an ideal axle positioning at 6×4, 8×4, and 10×4 configurations for construction tasks, and 4×2 and 6×4 for distribution jobs. It also comes with a day cab or 34” mid-roof and raised roof sleepers.

The Columbia is one of the more popular models of Freightliner – a company revered for its quality and value-for-money models. It has an aerodynamic styling paired with a Detroit 60 series engine. Together, these make up an exceptional work horse that offers great fuel mileage and lower operating cost so getting a used Freightliner Columbia for sale could be a good addition to your fleet.

Used Freightliner Columbia Trucks for Sale with Sleeper

If you are planning to augment your fleet and get a cab that gives you the power and versatility that a Freightliner can offer, getting the Columbia with a sleeper is a sound choice. There are two types of sleepers to choose from – mid roof and raised roof.

You can get your choice of sleeper depending on the distances you need to cover. Mid roof sleepers are advisable for those whose work involves shorter hours on the road. Although spacious enough to spend a few hours on, these do not have enough compartments or shelves for things. On the other hand, the raised roof sleeper has more space for additional air conditioning or heating and shelves.

Used Freightliner Columbia Day Cab for Sale

Getting a used Freightliner Columbia day cab for sale is a dependable truck for a variety of tasks. If you get a used Freightliner Columbia day cab from our extensive inventory of used trucks for sale, you can expect clean and low-mileage vehicles to add to your fleet. Outside, the Columbia has a mild look but inside, it is packed with ergonomic features that make driving short or regional distances a breeze.

Other Body Types of Used Freightliner Columbia for Sale

Our extensive inventory of clean and low-mileage used Freightliner Columbia for sale include different body types. Here are some that you can choose from:

Used Freightliner Columbia Farm Truck for Sale

The agriculture industry needs reliable machine partners for proper movement of goods and animals so having a designated vehicle for this purpose is a must. Getting a used Freightliner Columbia for sale with a farm truck body would be a good addition to farms. These can be used mostly for hauling heavy stuff, animals, and other things around the farm.

Used Freightliner Columbia Truck for Sale with Glider Kit

We are all for helping preserve the environment and for some, owning a truck with glider kit is a sound choice. Though the Columbia is a relatively new model, there are some units that can be considered dilapidated, in order to save these, they get Glider Kits. This is considered as the most effective way to get old and dilapidated units off the road by putting newer and safer chassis which are up to date with the safety features of today’s standards.

Used Freightliner Columbia Truck for Sale Car Carrier

Transporting vehicles from manufacturing plants to garages to stores and to the hands of their owners mean having a reliable truck that can haul them. A car carrier is a great help for these purposes and for this, a used Freightliner Columbia truck for sale could do a great job with these tasks since it is built with dependable materials and power for carrying heavy loads.

Used Freightliner Columbia Dump Truck for Sale

Dump trucks are very useful in hauling different materials although they are most popular for transporting sand, gravel, and demolition waste. These characteristically have open-box beds that are hinged to the rear. They also come equipped with hydraulic rams to lift the front so the materials will be deposited. For this purpose, a truck that has a good built like the Columbia would be a good choice.

About Truck Market

Truck Market is a company dedicated to providing used, heavy-duty trucks to clients since 1979. Our wide inventory of used trucks is from prominent manufacturers like Freightliner. We cover medium and heavy-duty trucks for different purposes to augment fleets and serve drivers. Get a used Freightliner Columbia for sale or search through our available products to find the equipment that suit the needs of your fleet.

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