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In 2001, world-renowned truck manufacturer Freightliner introduced the Coronado to the public. This became the brand’s new flagship truck, aiming it to the growing owner-driver market who are best known for their high expectations of trucks in terms of comfort, performance, design, safety, and economy. We know that our patrons want a good performing machine thus, we have used Freightliner Coronado in our inventory.

Used Freightliner Coronado Sleeper Cab for Sale

As a truck manufactured to accommodate the growing demands of owner-drivers, Freightliner Coronado has the features that drivers need for comfort, style, and performance. These features are even more pumped up for drivers who are headed for the long drive through sleeper cabs.

Freightliner Coronado is a truck that combines traditional design elements with the latest comfort and technical features. Aside from a day cab, it can also come with a spacious raised-roof sleeper that is about two meters long. There is also a medium XT (extra high) raised roof sleeper cab and a normal cab option.

Used Freightliner Coronado Day Cab for Sale

Comfort is not only enjoyed by drivers assigned for the long trips. Used Freightliner Coronado day cab for sale do not scrimp on comfort features.

Inside, a used Freightliner Coronado for sale exudes the classical styling enjoyed by many owner-operators for years now. The interior has high-quality Chapparal equipment package that features different fabrics and linings that give off an antique-look leather. The mostly brown color makes it look more sophisticated and luxurious. Adding to the sophisticated touch is the chromed twin-spoke steering wheel trimmed with leather and burr wood. The cabs also provide ample space for working and sleeping. Freightliner offers a wide range of other extras that make the space in the interior more useful. On top of all the classy features are functional built-in working and dining unit hat consists of a folding table, chairs, and an additional 1.6 cubic meter of storage space. Buying a used Freightliner Coronado gives drivers all the luxury and comfort they need throughout their trip.

Getting to Know Freightliner Coronado

The trucker lifestyle has been romanticized over and over again without fully realizing that the primary needs have always involved cost-effectiveness and reliability. Owner-operators would always want trucks that will meet their needs as self-driving transport operators who are more interested in meeting the day-to-day requirements of their clients. But they are not only concerned about their clients but more importantly, of themselves. The sad reality is, there are a lot of owner-operators who make do with whatever condition they are met with, it could get especially worse if they are met with used trucks that are already in dilapidated condition.

The good news for patrons of Truck Market, our wide inventory of used trucks for sale, which include used Freightliner Coronado for sale, give them clean and low-mileage vehicles. Check our offerings of used Freightliner Coronado for sale and check the features that are still deemed covetable even after almost two decades. These used trucks for sale are also known for offering ride comfort, fuel efficiency, handling, productivity, safety, and availability.

The Coronado can also be supplied with different engines including Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar, and Cummins. The outputs can go up to 450kW. It is fitted with a standard 370 kW DDC series 60 engine on its initial offering.

Not forgetting about safety, used Freightliner Coronado for sale also have safety features for drivers and other road users. If there are accidents, some units have optional side bags on the driver’s side to provide additional protection. The sleeper cabs also meet European and Swedish crash test standards.

Used Freightliner Coronado for Sale Body Types

Take a look at the wide inventory of used Freightliner Coronado we offer. Our extensive inventory of used Freightliner Coronado for sale that you can use for different needs.

Used Freightliner Coronado Dump Truck for Sale

Do you need help for loading, carrying, and dumping sand, gravel, and demolition waste for construction? Used Freightliner Coronado dump truck for sale is the best option for you. Typical dump trucks do not just feature an open-box bed and hydraulic rams that lift but more importantly, it needs a reliable cab and body that will not easily give up when carrying heavy loads.

Used Freightliner Coronado Tractor Truck for Sale

If you want a cab and a body that is as flexible and versatile as you hoped it would be, a used Freightliner Coronado tractor truck for sale is your best choice. The Coronado’s comfortable cab gives drivers the assurance that short and long distances would not break their backs. The tractor body also lets you use it for a variety of tasks.

Used Freightliner Coronado Glider Kit Truck for Sale

You can take an old dilapidated unit off the road and put its major components on a newer and safer chassis with more recent features. Our used Freightliner Coronado Glider Kit trucks for sale can give you exactly the help you need in building a dependable truck.

Used Freightliner Coronado Chassis Cab Truck for Sale

Do you need a truck that you can configure into the kind of body that you need? Our offerings of used Freightliner Coronado chassis cab truck for sale will give you just that. The chassis can be configured to become a fire apparatus, ambulances, recreational vehicle, and basically, all kinds of vehicles you wish it would be.

Used Freightliner Coronado Logging Truck for Sale

Logging is one industry that needs reliable machines that can make work easier. With a used Freightliner Coronado logging truck for sale, it is possible to enjoy the benefits of a vehicle that can carry heavy loads through long distances without worries of issues along the way. Freightliner, a trusted name, made the Coronado suited up for the job.

About Truck Market

Truck Market is one of the trusted dealers of used trucks in the Mississippi area. For decades now, we are offering low mileage and clean trucks like the used Freightliner Coronado to driver-operators who want to improve their fleet performance.

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