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International 9900 is one of the class 8 heavy duty trucks for sale manufactured by International for the long haul or for high way operations. The truck has rugged designs with a conventional cab configuration which could come either as a single or with sleeper cab option.

The International 9900 comes with different options for engines and suspensions which means it is a rather flexible vehicle that can meet customer’s needs. The gross vehicle weight rating of the International 9900 is between 46,000 to 60, 600 lbs. The truck can deal with most of the payloads it is to deal with without the driver having to worry about it breaking down. Among the engine options for the International 9900 are MaxxForce 9, 11, and 13 units.

Design of International 9900

International, the truck manufacturer, has always been known for creating fancy designs and aerodynamic shapes – consider how the the LoneStar made jaws drop with such a lovely design.

Unlike the other models from International though, the 9900 model is a bit different with its features that border on the more conventional approach. There are no fluid lines for this model because it boasts of nicely cured bumpers as well as raked hoods that are typical of trucks from American truck manufacturers. The truck looks more of a rugged and brick looking vehicle that looks manly and prepared for the tough work on the highway and for covering thousands of miles without any instance of conking in the middle of the road.

Its front is dominated by a chromed rectangular grille. It is rather simple but the design copes great with the overall look of the truck by exuding that business vibe. The long nose is also flanked by oversized wheel arches which come fitted with big headlights that follow the square design language that the truck exudes.

The front bumper of a used International 9900 truck is massive. With the shiny vertical exhaust stalk, the two features give off a rugged character to the truck.

There are plenty of accessories that truck drivers and operators can avail like the two internal sunvisors, polished stainless-steel heated mirrors, polished stainless-steel exterior sunvisors, cab side extenders for those with Pro-Sleeper cabs, and the aerodynamic roof deflectors.


The truck may look tough and burly outside but there is no denying that even used International 9900 for sale comes with a lovable interior. Sure, some people may find it too high up the ground thus getting in and out can be quite challenging yet, inside is an extravagant space (especially the sleeper version) that boasts of ample space and a luxurious cabin.

If you are a fan of vintage-looking interiors, the International 9900 is the perfect truck for you. It bears the manufacturer’s wood trims.

If you are also very much interested in ergonomy, the International 9900 makes sure that everything is close to the driver. It helps drivers get comfortable when driving especially that all of the controls are within easy grasp.

The instrument cluster is basic and bears an eye catching design. The main electronic speedometer and tachometer are a host of other useful gauges including the air pressure, air application, fuel-level, voltmeter, engine oil, engine oil pressure, transmission temperature, and rear axle. The indicator lights for air pressure, coolant level, and battery charge are eye candies, too.

The steering wheel has a modern two spoke design which also comes with both tilt and telescoping adjustments that permit you to find a favorable driving position. The driver is seated on a fully-adjustable chair with self-leveling air suspension with headrest and integral seat belts as additional features. With these, driving long distances would not be as difficult as one used to experience.

The truck has an all-round visibility offering a clear road view, one-piece windscreen, power-operated mirrors, and large heated windows.

As already mentioned, the 9900 comes with all the space you need to comfortably travel across thousands of distances. There are a lot of goodies and storage places that make it easier to store the drivers’ things especially if they will be spending longer hours on the road. Look forward to using the cruise control, central locking, power windows, map lights located above both the seats and twin cup holders, change tray, and storage bins.

Those who will be getting the sleeper cab can look forward to retreating to a generous-sized bunk bed with a 51-inch height and twin-door wardrobe with a dedicated shelf for a television.

MaxxForce Engines

One of the coveted feature of the International 9900 is the Maxxforce engine that it comes with for the 2008 model. These engines are fitted with a high-pressure common rail fuel system, innovative heat management system, and dual wastegated sequential turbos for the truck to score a relatively low level of fuel consumption yet stand with a stronger performance than others.

The MaxxForce engines were first used for units packaged as innovative compacted graphite iron into their construction so they are relatively lighter and more durable than conventional engines with gray iron blocks.

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