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Longest-produced model lines in American automotive history

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Horsepower (HP) / TORQUE

510 1,850 @ 1,000 485 1,460 @ 1,000 455 mt 1,550/1,750 @ 900* 455 1,650 @ 900 430 mt 1,450/1,650 @ 900 430 1,550 @ 900 405 1,450 @ 900

Diamond upholstered door pads and carpeted kick panels • • Full diamond-tufted vinyl headliner • • Diamond button colors matches primary lining color • • Instrument panel with wood grain trim • • Black rubber floormat • • • Driver and rider side inside sunvisors • • • Door map pockets • • • DayLite®Doors • • • Accessory power outlets in center console • • • Under dash floor lighting with red lens • • • Left and right dome lamps mounted above doors

Full vinyl headliner • Instrument panel with black trim • • • Diamond-tufted upholstered side and back panels

One of the most popular trucks in the industry is Kenworth. The American medium and heavy-duty truck manufacturer is one of the three major divisions and brands of Paccar. It specializes on the production of Class 8 trucks. One of its iconic models is Kenworth T800 which is also dubbed as the ultimate workhorse. At Truck Market, we have several units of used Kenworth T800 for sale to meet the demands of truck drivers and fleet operators.

Kenworth says the T800 is a truck that is strong, versatile, and can match any business demand. It is because of these promises that almost everyone involved in the trucking business want their own T800 as well. By checking our extensive inventory of used Kenworth T800 trucks for sale, you can get a reliable partner workhorse for your job.

When buying used Kenworth T800 trucks for sale, there are different aspects to check. These days, you need to get a model that can match up with the growing demand of the people you are servicing. There is a growing demand for trucks that can work harder, last longer, and yet, retain its value.

Having a used Kenworth T800 translates to more value for your business. It is profit-oriented and more reliable. The reason why it is best known for being the manufacturer’s ultimate workhorse. It runs freight coast to coast, carrying heavy weight, and still making sure it arrives without any glitch.

The Anatomy of a Used Kenworth T800 for Sale

Getting a used Kenworth T800 truck is getting a reliable partner when weaving through big cities or when driving through asphalt ribbon stretching across the American continent. We take a look at the anatomy of used Kenworth T800 and the reasons why it is a coveted truck that no truck driver or fleet operator should miss.

The T800 is a truck best for tanker applications. It can come specified with different weight-saving components for the benefit of your business. These components however do not reduce or compromise its reliability. To offer a stable hauling high center of gravity, it can come in a variety of frame sizes and custom design to meet the demands of the driver. Inside, it is ergonomically designed to give the driver the space and convenience but without sacrificing luxury details.

Used Kenworth T800 Day Cab for Sale

The T800 uses advanced technology and sports a street-smart design. It characteristically has a sloped hood, drive train, efficient maneuverability, and aerodynamic options. It is available in 122.5” or 115.5” and is built for demanding applications. Built for the regional delivery, the day cab configuration has no frills and only means business.

Used Kenworth T800 Sleeper Cab for Sale

The T800 is efficient on the highway and is popular for its on-off road durability. As a heavy equipment hauler, it features Kenworth’s 86” Studio Sleeper. Meanwhile, the 72” AeroCab Aerodyne can come in two bunks to make sure drivers who drive in teams can have their own bed to retreat to.

As mentioned, the T800 has an AeroCab FlatTop Sleeper with a flatbed operation option. For drivers hauling long loads but still needs a sleeper berth, this cab delivers the functionality they are seeking to have. The sleepers are sized to suit the job and lifestyle of someone who spend days on the road. Among the sleeper options, the Studio Sleeper is most coveted because of its space and storage features.

Used Kenworth T800 for Sale Body Types

Truck Market has an extensive inventory of used Kenworth T800 trucks for sale. We try to cover all body types of this model to attend to the needs of our growing clientele. If you think the T800 is the truck model that you need, here are some of the body types we can offer:

Used Kenworth T800 for Sale Flatbed Truck

A flatbed truck that can either be articulated or rigid. It has a flat, level bed, and does not have a roof or sides. Our units of used Kenworth T800 for sale with a flatbed truck body type are clean and are in excellent condition. They are ideal for loading goods and transport heavy loads that are not delicate to weather factors. These are also useful for abnormal loads that need more space which a closed-body truck cannot offer.

Used Kenworth T800 for Sale Crane Truck

A reliable truck is needed when lifting heavy loads from the ground to a few feet up. Crane trucks should have a good build to be able to efficiently and safely lift things and even people (in the case of boom truck cranes). The reliable body of the T800 makes it a good choice as a crane truck for a variety of uses and industries.

Used Kenworth T800 for Sale Vacuum Tank Truck

The T800 can also be configured to become a vacuum tank truck. It is characterized by a tank that stores the liquids, sludges, slurries, and other things that the pneumatic suction takes off surfaces (usually underground). Having a truck unit that can carry the weight without worries of spilling.

Used Kenworth T800 for Sale Winch or Oil Field Truck

Oil fields are a demanding environment that requires equipment that can withstand pressures and other factors. A winch or oil field truck is used for lifting or pulling heavy objects around the oil field. It is primarily used for carrying heavy items like other equipment from one location to another. It is greatly similar to semi-trucks on the highway. Built with reliable materials and technology, a used Kenworth T800 truck would be a good choice for this task.

About Truck Market

Truck Market is a company dedicated to helping cab drivers and operators find trucks that will suit their needs. Used Kenworth T800 trucks are some of the units we have in our inventory. We make sure that our units are clean, so their new owners can use them right away. You may browse through our selection of used medium and heavy-duty trucks to find the unit that suits your desired functions.

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