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Petes are well-loved by truck drivers and operators. The Peterbilt Motors Company, is an American manufacturer of medium and heavy-duty trucks founded in 1939. It is known for producing many iconic trucks and one of those is the Peterbilt 388.

If you are hoping to buy clean used Peterbilt 388, Truck Market has an extensive inventory of this unit. First, get to know more about the 388 and why owning this truck is worth it.

A Look at the Model 388

Model 388 is one of the Petes that take on the traditional styling of the manufacturer. It incorporates the style, technology, and aerodynamic engineering. With these working together, drivers can expect a machine that will take you far. Fleet owners and operators have long considered this model as one of the most coveted Petes. There are a good number of used Peterbilt 388 for sale which you can buy and reap the benefits this model can give you.

The 388 replaced the 378-119. Overall, it shares the same styling as the 389, with both using the aluminum hood traditional-styled look.

Features and Characteristics

If you get a used Peterbilt 388 for sale, you can expect to have a truck with a lightweight all-aluminum hood tat slopes gradually to increase visibility. As with every other Pete model, the driver is always in the mind of the manufacturer. It has a hood that opens 90 degrees. It works perfectly with Peterbilt’s proprietary anti-blow-down locking mechanism. It also has removable fenders which provide for great ease and serviceability.

One of the things that make Petes last for a long time is the huck bolt and lap seam that all aluminum cabs have. It is also complemented by the tough and corrosive-resistant bulkhead doors. This is made to deliver water tight and rattle-free service for years.

If you plan to drive for shorter tasks, you can also configure the 388 as a day cab. It has become a favorite for logging or dump applications. The low profile one is also a favorite in the car carrier industry.

One of the characteristics of the 388 is the halogen reflector aluminum headlamp. Made to last long, it has LED directional signals and impact resistant lens. The forward lighting is increased by 226% and the bulb life is increased by 600%.

Peterbilt 388 Platinum Day Cab

A used Peterbilt 388 for sale is one of the well-loved in all of the manufacturer’s history. Its day cab is also dubbed the “Platinum”. It is characteristically a Pete in terms of the luxury it offers drivers. It has a charcoal dash to bring out the elegance one needs but without sacrificing functionality. To make sure that driver glare will be reduced, it also features a coachman grain. There are LED backlit gauges for more visibility. And of course, to keep the driver comfortable, it should have an efficient HVAC or heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system. The manufacturer made sure that the 388 gets a powerful and improved HVAC for the comfort of drivers and passengers.

Peterbilt 388 Sleeper Cabin

Also considered a “Platinum” is the 388’s sleeper cab. It is considered luxurious and comes with plenty of storage options. There are also shelves for refrigerators and microwaves – making it totally convenient and economical to stay in the cab than check in a motel for the night. The overhead lighting and HVAC and audio control panels are also strategically located for convenience.

The 388 offers an exceptionally smooth ride because it because it is a result of the Peterbilt UNIBILT Cab Sleeper System. The system combine the cab and sleeper into a single unit. There is an independent dual air bag and shock absorber in this system as well.

Used Peterbilt 388 For Sale: Body Types to Choose From

In your search for used Peterbilt 388 for sale, you have to consider the body type of the vehicle so that you will be able to maximize its use. Here are some of the body types available in our inventory:

Used Peterbilt 388 for Sale Conventional Trucks

The most basic body type of the 388 is the conventional truck with or without a sleeper. Its cabin is located behind the front axle and engine compartment. This body type has a good reputation for its maneuverability in tight locations. This is best for operating in a neighborhood setting where driveways are narrow, where there is no curb parking available, or when the area is limited.

Used Peterbilt 388 for Sale Car Carrier

A car carrier should be strong, dependable, and reliable because it is used for transferring cars from one destination to another which is miles away. As a car hauler, the 388 is worth the investment. Peterbilt made the 388 as a dependable truck that can withstand heavy weights across long miles.

Used Peterbilt 388 for sale Vacuum Tank Truck

A used Peterbilt 388 vacuum tank truck can be used on a variety of tasks. Tank trucks are primarily designed to pneumatically suck liquids, slurries, sludges, and the like from a location, especially underground, into the tank of the truck.

Used Peterbilt 388 for sale Dump Transfer Truck

Get a used Peterbilt 388 in a dump transfer body if you need a reliable truck to help you with your construction and similar hauling tasks. Its hydraulic dumping mechanism is used in lifting the end of the dump box nearest to the cab or it can cause the entire dump to tilt and dump whatever it contains.

Used Peterbilt 388 for Sale Gasoline or Fuel Tank Trucks

A gas truck should be built with reliable parts that can withstand different conditions especially when you are transferring gas from one place to another. In this case, a Pete in the caliber of the 388 would be a good choice. Used Peterbilt 388 for sale can come in fuel tank truck body type to meet your specific needs.

About Truck Market

Truck Market is a reputable name in selling used trucks. In business for several decades now, it has an extensive inventory of products like used Peterbilt 388 for sale for truck drivers and operators to choose from. Petes are a steady name in Truck Market’s inventory but there are also other brands to choose from. Browse the available models and body types to find the brand and configuration that meets your needs and liking.

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