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Peterbilt was founded in 1939 and has been the Class of the trucking industry ever since. For 80 years, Peterbilt has been creating purpose-built vehicles crafted to stand the test of time.

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Peterbilt is one of the constant names in trucking. Through the years, it has built its reputation for producing quality trucks that can be used for different purposes. Through the years, our company has sold several Petes and one of the most popular choices is the 389. Here, we will take a look at this model and why this is a coveted model drivers want to partner with on their journey. This could also help you decide whether getting a used Peterbilt 389 for sale will benefit your fleet.

Pete 389 Overview

It was in 2006 when Peterbilt introduced the 389 at the Mid-America Trucking Show. It was conceived to replace the 379- 127 inches. This model is at 131 inches which makes it the Pete with the longest hood ever offered. Compared to other models, it features new headlamps and a stylish wraparound design, new fender front and rear trim – a styling cue back to the old 351 fender. It is offered in the same configurations as its predecessor.

Production for the 389 started in late 2006, making it a 2008 model. The built after January 1, 2007 EPA compliant engines have dictated the changes to the new Petes. The model is available in Australia as a right hand drive conversion. There are converted cabs available for export around the world.

Until today, the 389 is still in production. We offer clean used Peterbilt 389 trucks.

Common Configurations of Peterbilt 389

There are two very common configurations for the Peterbilt 389. Whether you are looking for a unit for use on shorter distances or want one that can endure the long haul, there are Pete 389 options for you.

Used Peterbilt 389 Daycab for sale

We have an extensive inventory of used Peterbilt 389 daycabs. This is a bold and elegant truck that is unmistakable of any Peterbilt truck. The all-aluminum body makes it light but durable. It is the ultimate workhorse, enduring heavy loads, taking them to far destinations.

Used Peterbilt 389 Sleeper Cab for sale

Peterbilt 389 can also come with sleepers in the following sizes: 44-inch, 58-inch, 72-inch, and 78-inch lengths. There are ample shelving and storage areas for the different sleeper options. Buying used Peterbilt 389 sleeper trucks provides you with ample comfort features without sacrificing performance.

Pete 389 Features

The 389 model is a truck that embodies the legacy Petes have long carried in them. Keeping its iconic styling, this truck has kept its capable and modern look. Over the time, drivers have become pretty impressed by the hauling capabilities of the truck – a perfect mix of looks and performance.

The exterior of the 389 features Peterbilt’s classic design language. It is functional and stylish while maximizing aerodynamics. As an all-aluminum cab, it weighs less than other trucks, allowing for increased efficiency and for greater payloads.

Inside, the Peterbilt 389 is one that can make long hours on the road a little more bearable. It comes with a functional and comfortable cabin, with spacious interior for some stretching but without anything too far away for the driver to reach.

The model can also be equipped with the new SmartNav system of Peterbilt. This system uses a 7-inch touchscreen that provides access to entertainment features and vehicle information. This truck is provided navigation by the truck-specific navigation system. SmartNav includes Bluetooth connectivity, a fully-integrated audio system with satellite radio, MP3, USB, and iPod capabilities.

Peterbilt 389 Technologies

Just because you are going to buy a used Peterbilt 389 for sale doesn’t mean you will be shortchanged in terms of technology. As one of the current models of the manufacturer, this model comes with a pretty decent set of technologies that work together in delivering the best performance.

As mentioned, the Peterbilt 389 can come with the manufacturer’s trademarked SmartNav technology. It provides touchscreen, Bluetooth, and voice control to the vehicle. This technology can be broken down into four ways: the navigation, internet and audio systems, truck monitoring, and cameras.

The GPS navigation used in the 389 helps it to find the smartest, safest, and most cost-effective route. This is usually used in trucks manufactured in July 2015 and higher. Employing advanced GPS navigation will help in following efficient and truck-friendly routes also help drivers follow on schedule. This can be upgraded to CoPilot Live where it can have custom map views, fuel costs, ETA, real-time speed limits, and driving distances.

This technology is also extremely helpful in terms of providing drivers with entertainment during the long drive. The infotainment system ensures that everyone stays connected. It comes with a variety of connectivity options from iPod, MP3, and Bluetooth. It also has a WiFi Mobile Care app for drivers to browse the web and update the system.

Real-time data access is also helpful to drivers. It has real-time data that include fuel flow rate, temperature, air pressure, and others. There are real-time gauges and monitors for easy access to information.

Finally, it provides the drivers opportunity to install up to four cameras on the vehicle with distinct views. This allow for traffic monitoring at all times. The available cameras can be automatically activated when shifted into reverse or activated to turn signal.

This technology is considered a vital part of Petes like the 389. This upgrade provides all of the help drivers need on their journey while they are also provided infotainment.

Used Peterbilt 389 Body Types

ete 389 is a very versatile truck to suit different purposes. Here are some of the body types you can choose from:

Used Peterbilt 389 Wrecker Tow Truck for Sale

Petes are known for their versatility. A used Peterbilt 389 for sale could come as a tow truck. Since this model is made to endure the tough work and carry heavy loads, converting it to become a tow truck is not an issue. It is capable of transporting wrecked cars from one point to another without hassle. Our inventory includes a variety of body types to meet the needs of people.

Used Peterbilt 389 Cab & Chassis for Sale

If you are looking for a vehicle that you can configure to your liking and according to your needs, a used Peterbilt 389 cab and chassis is best for you. Getting the cab and chassis body gives you any desired aftermarket equipment, apparatus, or whatever conversion package you wish to have on the vehicle to suit your needs.

About Truck Market

Truck Market is a company dedicated to offering truck drivers and other providers with clean, low-mileage used Peterbilt 389 for sale. We are here to help you acquire dependable truck units to add to your fleet. Browse through our extensive inventory of used Peterbilt 389 and other truck models that can meet your needs.

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