Welcome to our site, where you will find used Peterbilt trucks for sale. No matter what business you’re in, if it involves transporting heavy cargo over long distances, then you probably need a truck. There are no better trucks on the market than Peterbilt trucks. These trucks have been built to perfection with the end-customer’s needs in mind. When the company was founded in 1939, it had a vision; to build trucks that could fit just about any purpose.


Trucks can be mightily expensive, however, particularly when they’re new. Our company helps you get high quality used Peterbilt trucks at a great discount, saving your money and adding massive value to your operations. We have offerings in a wide range that are guaranteed to meet any need you might have. We also offer various warranties and financing options that will help you make the purchase in the smoothest way possible.

We have been in the business of providing used Peterbilt trucks for sale to meet our customer’s needs since 1979. We encourage you to take a minute to browse our extensive inventory to see if we have the transportation equipment you might need. We’re willing to bet we do. However, if we do not have what you are looking for, then we will definitely help you find it.

Our mission is simple: to provide our customers with high quality used Peterbilt trucks for sale at a significant discount to the high cost of new equipment. We are very particular about our reputation, which remains our focus and we always strive to maintain high ethical standards. Our staff of experts is here to serve you every step of the way.

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Dramatically increase your performance today with our heavy-duty used Peterbilt trucks for sale. We stock all kinds of Peterbilt truck models including the Peterbilt 389, 387, 386, 385, 384, 379, 357, 587 and 579 models. This range of used trucks comes in all shapes and sizes, including sleeper trucks and day cab semi-trucks. The Peterbilt trucks feature top of the range innovative engineering and some of the best engines in the automobile industry; PACCAR and Cummins engines.

We also understand that there are two main factors our customers consider when they are purchasing a truck. These can be posed as two questions:

  • Does it have a spacious and comfortable interior?
  • Is it efficient?

These are important as many drivers will be primarily interested in decreasing driving costs. Our trucks have all these features and many more, ensuring they satisfy your needs for a cheaper haulage.



Peterbilt was founded in 1939, by T.A Peterman, and is now a part of PACCAR. The very first models were the 334 and 260. This simple naming convention of giving numbers to models has been maintained by the company to date. Whether it’s the on-road, the medium duty, the refuse truck, or the mixer, Peterbilt prefers to keep naming conventions simple, so the trucks can speak for themselves.

A particular achievement of Peterbilt is that they have trucks for just about any purpose or industry you can think of. By putting together the parts in different configurations, the trucks can be customized to fit just about any needs you might have.

Peterbilt is also at the forefront in pushing for alternative fuel options, such as hybrid engines and fuel cells. The goal for Peterbilt is to provide customers with a truck that meets their needs while simultaneously being both friendly to the environment and efficient.

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