Used Glider Kit Trucks for Sale

With latest and up to date safety features combined with the reliability of the past, a glider kit is an ultimate way for truck owners and small fleets to put highly sought after components into an updated chassis. In the trucking world, glider kits are extremely popular amongst small fleet owners, long distance truckers, and freight transportation company owners. If you are on the market for any used trucks, the value of a “Glider Kit” cannot be overlooked.

What are Glider kit trucks?

Glider kits are brand new commercial trucks that were purchased from the factory but without the engine or powertrain. A glider kit has a new cab, chassis, and axles, except the engine can be chosen from a selection of remanufactured brands. In simple terms, glider kits have everything new, except the engine. 


A key reason why many owner operator businesses in the trucking industry prefer glider kits is that one can have a pre ELD or pre-emission engine. This is due to the fact that the ELD laws are applicable to the engine year and not the year in which the model was built. For example, a glider kit used truck with a 2019 body coupled with a 1997 engine, the ELD mandate would not be applicable for you. To be certain, check your state laws regarding ELD mandates.

Used Glider Kit Sleepers for Sale:

Sleeper trucks, also known as semi-trucks, are specifically designed for long distance travelling on the highway. As the name suggests, a sleeper truck has a separate compartment behind the cab where the drivers get some sleep during their tiring journey on road. They can make overnight trips easy and comfortable for the truckers.

Used Glider Kit Day Cabs for Sale:

Day cabs are heavy duty big rigs having a single or tandem axle without the sleeper compartment. These are best suited for truckers who drive for short distances and return home by the end of the day. Day cabs are lighter in weight in comparison to sleepers. 

Advantages of Glider Kit used trucks for sale:

1. Complete flexibility: 

Glider Kit used trucks for sale offer total flexibility to the fleet owners as they are free to choose the type of engine they want to install.It gives them complete freedom to custom build the kind of trucks they want to run on the highway with the best possible powertrain. 

2. Lower initial investment:

Glider Kit used trucks for sale carry a reasonable price tag that helps businesses in the trucking industry to save money. What is more important is you get a like-new truck at a reasonable price in comparison to a brand new one. It also means lower upfront ownership cost.

3. Lower maintenance time and cost:

With a used Glider Kit drivers can eliminate the downtime that comes with DPF filters, regens and shop time in the shop. Since glider kit trucks have rebuilt engines, parts and maintenance costs are normally much lower and it is relatively easy to repair them and fix any glitches. Thus, the time required for repairing glider kit trucks is less. This reduces the repairing cost of glider trucks.

Which are the different glider kits available for sale:

There are a wide range of glider kit used trucks for sale on offer. Some of the leading brands include Peterbilt, Kenworth, and Freightliner. Used Peterbilt trucks for sale, the used Kenworth day cabs and used Freightliner glider trucks have a range of types of models available for sale. 

1. Used Peterbilt Glider Kit trucks for sale:

Peterbilt 389 Glider Kits For sleeper
It is the flagship model of Peterbilt known for its advanced technology and improved aerodynamics. The rock-solid all-aluminium cab makes it durable. It has built-in virtual gauges that provide real-time vehicle data. The built-in safety mechanisms and systems prove that it has been engineered keeping in mind the safety of the driver as well as other vehicles on the road. This is the updated version of the legendary Peterbilt 379EXHD.

Peterbilt 389 Glider Kit Daycabs

Used peterbilt 389 glider for sale is a limited special edition Pete model. It has W/Extended DC, heavy spec and chrome exhaust system, making the interiors standout. It offers a breathtaking display of sophistication and unmistakable craftsmanship. It is a fuel efficient cab known for its high degree of versatility and exceptional performance. 

Peterbilt 579 Glider Kit
Known for being one of the most iconic trucks built by Peterbilt and for providing an exceptionally seamless ride for truckers on the highway, this model is known for its enhanced styling and ultimate engineering. Its aluminium cab helps in preventing rust which automatically extends its service life. Its design offers an ergonomic and premium environment to the truckers.

2. Used Freightliner Coronado Pre Elog Glider

Freightliner Coronado Pre Elog Glider
It has been engineered and crafted with the comfort of truckers in mind. It has double door seals, thermal insulation and noise abatement material that protects the drivers from the harsh conditions in the external environment. All modern day features are built-in in this classic truck.

3. Used Kenworth Glider Kit trucks for sale

Used Kenworth W900L Pre Elog Glider Kit

It is a heritage long haul truck especially known for its comfortable and attractive interiors. It is built using a perfect blend of cutting edge technology and classic styling. It gets the job done without any hassles and is easy to maintain. 

Glider trucks have been in the market for almost a decade now. Considering the advantages that glider kit used trucks for sale offer, it makes sense to invest in them. If you own a business in the trucking industry, used Glider kits are a great value addition to your fleet. Truck Market offers used Glider trucks covering everything from Pre emission CAT 6NZ’s to Pre ELOG/Pre ELD Detroit 12.7 engines. 

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